Addiction. Why? And what next?


It is much spoken of these days; our addictions seem endless.

Sometimes we speak of addictive personalities.

‘If I have one drink, I won’t be able to stop.’

‘I can’t have any chocolates in the house. If I did, I would eat them all.’

Most of us are addicts to one degree or another, particularly when life is difficult.

Addiction is when we bond with an imaginary solution, whether it’s gambling, alcohol, control, sleeping pills, sex, anxiety, self-harm, food, danger…or whatever.

It’s a last resort, of course; addiction is no one’s first choice.

And it arises when we cannot be present to our life as it is; and to ourselves as we are.

Humans need connection with themselves and with others to bring meaning and vitality.

When a sense of connection is lost, and when we cannot be present to life as it is, we seek alternative ways to bond with existence.

As Johann Hari – popular journalist and TED speaker – said, ‘The opposite of addiction is not sobriety; the opposite of addiction is connection.’

Here’s a toast to connection in our lives; and to the dissolving power of addictions.