The art of leaving/staying. Should I stay or should I go?

He had a strong desire to leave his work place, to storm off and cut all ties.

‘To hell with you all!’ was the line that came to mind.

He had this fantasy that all his troubles were about his present work place; and to make everything all right, he just had to leave.

But another part of him knew that before he left, certain things needed resolving.

He couldn’t go on escaping difficult situations without some attempt to face them.

And the truth was, some of those issues were his and his alone.

So he stayed another two years, worked through some of the issues, and then left on good terms with the company.

They now ask him back as a consultant sometimes.

A strong desire to leave – whether its work or a relationship – is important to notice; it’s telling us something.

But we need to be aware of our fantasy that the grass will be greener elsewhere.

The fantasy can lie.

We take ourselves with us, wherever we go.

And after the honeymoon period, when everything’s great, what’s unresolved and troubling us here will probably be unresolved and troubling us there.