Engaged and disengaged workers

Is there anything to be done? We all know the differences between engaged and disengaged workers. Professor William Kahn, who coined the phrase, defined engaged workers as those who are… read more »

The hidden costs of cutting costs.

I was listening to a former policeman talking about the workplace cutting costs, overtime and the effect this was having on morale.Some overtime is happy overtime – willingly taken to… read more »

Kidnapped by worry?

Escape plans considered… I often worry. Sometimes it feels like I can’t escape it. ‘I am so worried!’ I say and quite believe this to be so. ‘And haven’t I… read more »

Mindfulness at home: the hardest place?

Perhaps mindfulness is hardest in the home. Home is where deep-rooted patterns of behaviour have established themselves, andwhere our reactions are habitual, automatic and often emotionally-charged. Bringing mindfulness into our… read more »

Working From Home

Is this the future? What are your feelings about working from home? Are you missing the office? Or delighted to be away? Some of those I work with, like nurses… read more »

Stressed-out schools: what to do?

Marc Smith is both a teacher and a chartered psychologist and he recently wrote about stress in schools in The Guardian. ‘Sadly,’ he says, ‘many of the stress management techniques… read more »