Brexit or Bremain? No one knows… and that’s OK

The In/Out campaigns are well under way.

So what’s it to be?

Brexit? Bremain? What’s the right answer?

No one knows.

No, really – no one knows.

People say ‘I just want some clarity, some clear answers, so I can make an informed decision.’

But there are no clear answers because no one knows; it’s all speculation.

After all, no one has left the E.U. before, so there are no comparisons available.

And even if there were, no two countries are the same and no two moments in history the same.

As Carl Jung said about our lives, ‘What was true in the morning may be a lie by the evening.’

Things change.

So concerning the EU, no one knows. (Though all must claim to.)

In the end, we’ll vote on hunch, instinct, our own particular reading of the runes.

And we’ll be happier human beings if we can be at peace with our unknowing.

We don’t always have to know; we’re not asked to carry that load.

It’s OK not to know, even if we’re leaders.

Especially if we’re leaders…our calm will communicate itself to others.

To echo T.S. Eliot, the good life is lived half-knowing…but whole-hearted.