Building for the future? It starts with now.

‘We’re building the future now!’
This is written in large letters on the hoarding of a local hospital, where major redevelopment works are underway.
And they’re right.
Things are happening onsite now which will impact on the hospital’s future, for good or for ill.
Where care is taken now, and quality work honoured, good outcomes are likely in the years ahead.
Where care is not taken – hasty workmanship, poor quality materials, error covered over – perhaps there will be difficulty down the line.
We cannot plan our future; as has been said, ‘God laughs at our plans.’
But like a good site foreman, we can take care of our inner space, with an eye for quality.
It’s from this space, our inward selves, that our future unfolds.
‘We’re building the future now!’
It’s true for people as well as hospitals.