How to change things…by not trying to change them.

Do you resist things?

Some people do it all the time and often without noticing.

Perhaps we resist an idea…like the idea of going to work on a Monday morning, so we disappear under the duvet for a while.

Or perhaps we resist people. We come to a conclusion about them and set up camp against them. We’re definitely at war with them.

Or perhaps it’s our life. Every day we resist what it is and try to turn it into something else.

We imagine resistance will change things, but strangely, the opposite is true.

It’s acceptance that changes things.

When we breathe deeply and allow what is, even if it’s uncomfortable, a different energy enters our life.

Resistance puts a terrible strain on both our psyche and our body which is constantly stressed, like a country at war…not good for heart or mind.

Acceptance brings emotional peace, clearer perceptions and a better unfolding of circumstances.

‘This is what is and it’s OK.’

That’s where good change starts.

It is a strange truth that if we wish to change things, it is best first to accept them.