Your Christmas story. What’s the festive season to you?

I don’t know what Christmas narrative you have.

And in particular, your emotional narrative, which guides everything else.

It may not feature a stable or a manger to any great degree.

There are so many other narratives out there.

It could, for instance, be the: ‘Everything’s just so busy, no time to stop! Busy, busy, busy!’ variety.

(Though everyone has time to stop if they wish to; and become mad if they don’t.)

Or the anxious narrative around the various social gatherings; ‘How will everyone behave? Will we get through this without a major bust-up?’

(Though perhaps we spend too much time allowing what other people might do to oppress us. Others are not our responsibility.)

It could be a judgmental narrative, railing against the commercialisation of it all: ‘The true meaning of Christmas is quite lost! It’s disgraceful!’

(Though the true meaning of Christmas is grace in our hearts rather than a judgement.)

Or perhaps our narrative is: ‘I’ll just be glad when it’s all over.’

(Though this depressed attitude can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.)

Or finally, perhaps you just love everything about Christmas: ‘I love it all!’ This also is possible.

Whatever the emotional tone of your Christmas narrative, (and you’ll have your reasons), do notice the small everyday miracles along the way…

… whether its warmth, the stars, laughter, kindness, a wonderful card, the food bank box in the supermarket, icicles, a robin in the snow or roasted chestnuts.

Life is moments; like candles, they light the way.