Communication breakdown. The dangerous genius of email.

dangerous email computer communication

For many of us, the main method of communication nowadays is by text and email.

It’s very handy to ping messages across the globe at the touch of a button.

We even ping them to colleagues three desks away; it saves actually speaking with them.

And such communication is unbelievably clever; though it may find us out.

The danger is reactive writing – words sent from an angry heart or an irritated spirit, to make the other person suffer in some way.

If we’re suffering when we write, we’ll probably use our words to make others suffer as well.

Pay back.

Loving writing, on the other hand, like loving speech, comes from a place of calm.

Sometimes, if something negative has been stirred in me – whether fear or fury – I wait a day before emailing a reply. Otherwise on display will be my ego’s desire for revenge or disingenuous self-justification.

If we can’t wait a day to reply, we can at least take ten deep breaths, notice our feelings, gather ourselves… and thereby move from compulsive reaction to calm response.

Emails and texts tempt us with the instant…and often our instant isn’t our best.

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