This Covid Story

What’s yours?

It’s hard to know where to begin with Covid.

It’s changed the world, simple as that; changed the way countries work and relate.

It’s changed your world, in a hundred ways, small and large; and some of the changes
have not been easy.

It’s brought lock down – long queues, long hair, long nights; lost
holidays, lost jobs, lost income – lost lives… lives we couldn’t grieve for as we wished.

It has exposed the fault lines in our leaders; brought economies to a stand still; become
a nightmare of injustice for many young people taking exams.

(On the plus side, it has shown that saints still exist; and water and air can be cleaned.)

We talk of unprecedented times, though, the new normal and wonder if anything will
be quite the same again.

Who’d have thought we’d all be wearing masks in Tescos? And singing ‘Happy Birthday’
as we wash our hands? Has the world gone mad?

As I say, it’s hard to know where to begin with Covid.

Though I’d begin with you and your journey through these events. How does that sound?

It may have touched you lightly; it may have hit you hard.  But whatever your experience,
before moving on, note what has helped you; and it may be a surprise.

Pause for a moment and notice what you have treasured during these months, what (or who)
has brought life to you – and then breathe this wisdom deep into your body.

We have many miles to go; the long and winding road.

But we’re learning so much as we travel; and with every step, even Covid steps, we learn.