Does your job fit? How we wear our work matters

Understanding who you are and what you have to offer is an important aspect of growing up.

Only trial and error brings this understanding, as we reflect on our experiences, good and difficult.

The thing is, (and employers sometimes forget this) you can’t be what you’re not; and it is exhausting and confusing trying to be.

Trying to fit into a template made for others is not a happy or creative place. We need to be allowed to play to our strengths.

The person who you are offers particular qualities to any organisation; and it’s good to know these and ‘sell’ them to your employer.

So while it is helpful to know what you cannot be or do, celebrate also what you can do; because what you can do, is brilliant.

This is not an invitation to hunker down and declare to one and all: ‘Take me or leave me – I won’t change!’

We’ll not give up on growing and developing as people: we can all be better versions of ourselves.

But we can’t be a different version of our self, and there will be an inner clash of gears if we try. This can lead to depression and loss of energy…it’s exhausting trying to be someone else.

There are many ways to wear a job; it is not so fixed. Wear yours in a manner that fits you, and therefore frees you.

Everybody wins.