Giving Work Meaning

What can I do to make a difference?

How do you arrive at work?
I’m not so much thinking about your mode of transport, though that can have an impact on the day.
I’m thinking more about the attitude you arrive with.
It is possible to arrive at work with little more than a resigned sigh – and plans for what I’ll do later, or next weekend.
In other words, we can arrive at work with no sense of potential, no sense of possibility or meaning in the here and now.
We have no intention for this day other than to get through it.
Which is sad – because to arrive in this state is to lose a day of this ‘one precious life’ we’ve been given.
So what can we do to give our work day meaning?
To arrive in the place of possibility, we must first find the still or silent mind.
It is in stillness that the seed of our intention for the day can be sown.
This is a challenge, and you’re probably tuning out now, sensing the impossible.
And yes, arriving at a place of stillness is easier said than done in the morning rush.
But you can do it and here’s one practical pathway to the silent mind: practice non-judgement for a moment.
What do I mean?
To quote Deeprak Chopra, ‘Judgement is the constant evaluation of things as right or wrong, good or bad. When you are constantly evaluating, classifying, labelling, analysing, you create a lot of turbulence in your internal dialogue.’
In other words, our judging thoughts squeeze out the space inside us…the space necessary for the potential and possibilities of the day to grow.
Giving up judgement is not easy, of course.
Our psyche is riddled with it, as we’ll notice over the next few hours after reading this.
It’s difficult – and maybe impossible – to maintain non-judgement for a whole day…or even a few hours.
But early in the day, whatever we’re doing, we might say, ‘For the next hour, I won’t judge anyone.’
Ever tried that – an hour of non-judgement?
When we do, we create in side us space for potentiality, for creativity – whether we’re stacking a shelf in a supermarket or running a multi-national from behind a large oak desk.
Our attitude at work will shape our day.
Letting go of judging thoughts for an hour, early in the day, creates space inside us for possibility.
How do you arrive at work?