Good grief? How do you cope with loss?

When we speak of grief, it’s often linked with the death of someone we love.

And this is a very particular and difficult grief.

But there are many other forms of grief in our lives, and other forms of loss.

Perhaps we find it difficult when our children leave home, or when a hope or dream we’ve had comes to nothing.

This is loss.

Perhaps we lose a job in which we’d invested a lot of ourselves; or we lose a friendship that has meant a great deal to us.

Or perhaps, through age or accident, we begin to lose our health.

There is a lot of letting go in life, as one year becomes another.

And so making space to grieve is important; a kind space where we can listen to our feelings…as opposed to shrugging them off and pretending everything is fine.

Sometimes we need to collapse a bit, take off our ‘brave face’ mask and admit the hurt.

It’s allowed…and will help us to leave our grief, to move on more freely.

Grief comes in many forms in our lives, there’s a lot of letting go; and when it comes, and however it comes, grief needs space before it can leave.