Good leadership. Where to begin?

There’s nothing like good leadership; and often what we experience is nothing like good leadership!

Daniel Goleman believes effective leadership needs three different kinds of focus:

Inner focus. This is the ability to monitor and process your own thoughts, feelings and emotions, for from these arise your intuition, decision making and treatment of others. This is heartland of mindfulness, of course.

Other focus. This is ability to empathise with others, which is the basis for all relationships and teamwork. Asking for feedback from others can be a help here.

Outer focus. This is the ability to understand larger forces and systems, which is the basis for strategic thinking. What’s the bigger picture here? What’s the hope for next year rather than for tea time or next week?

Quite a challenge, yes! But as we know, poor line managers are the single most common reason for people changing their jobs, so it’s important territory for organisations.

This is why here at The Mind Clinic, we’ve just developed our new ‘Managing People as People’ Development Day.

It’s deep help for those who face the challenge of management/leadership.

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