What could replace staff appraisals?

Is the staff appraisal about to join the fax machine in corporate extinction? It’s possible. The appraisal has always been a source of frustration or mirth. As one employee said:… read more »

The hidden costs of cutting costs

I was listening to a former policeman talking about the recent increase in overtime costs in the force. Some overtime is happy overtime – willingly taken to pay for the… read more »

Seven mindful suggestions From CEO Simon Parke's book as recommended by The Daily Express in their 7 Summer self help reads.

To celebrate the publication of a new and revised edition of my book ‘One Minute Mindfulness’, I offer seven simple suggestions towards more mindful living. Seven things you can do… read more »

Resilience. Is it the same as Tough? We hear a lot about resilience these days in the business world. But what is it?

For many, the work place has never been so demanding, fast-moving or uncertain. It’s hard to handle the pace of change ourselves; it can, understandably, lead to various forms of… read more »

Do I like my employer?

You’ve probably heard the saying, ‘People don’t quit their jobs; they quit their bosses.’ And the statistical research of Custom Insight supports this idea: ‘Poor relationships between employees and their… read more »

Suicide Watch

A man committed suicide in Telford recently. He jumped off the ledge of a multi-story car park and it was in the news because eye-witnesses reported an excited bunch of… read more »

Stressed-out schools: what to do?

Marc Smith is both a teacher and a chartered psychologist and he recently wrote about stress in schools in The Guardian. ‘Sadly,’ he says, ‘many of the stress management techniques… read more »

Hero or Host?

She was talking about changing attitudes to leadership in her business – one of the larger world development charities. The first difference was that she was an elected leader –… read more »