James Bond. Licenced to…lead your resilience day

James Bond.

Some people call it escapist nonsense.

But for me he’s always been a spiritual hero.


Here is a man who plays the life in front of him, responds to what is actually happening – rather than fixating about a plan in his head, which may or may not have been a good one.

In a crisis, (and there are a few) he doesn’t catastrophize, wasting time imaging things that may or may not happen.

He acts.

When things are difficult, he’s resourceful – he looks around for what or who can help him in this situation, even when tied up and about to be thrown into the shark pond.

He enjoys life when it isn’t dangerous, without self-punishment or insecure rumination; but he doesn’t collapse when it is.

He seems to understand there are seasons in life: easy, difficult; dangerous, not dangerous.

In short, he lives as though nothing is the end of the story, as if there’s a way through this…even when chased down the mountain by seven men on skis with machine guns.

So if you can get James Bond to lead your organisation’s Resilience Day, wonderful.

If not, The Mind Clinic is licenced to help.

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