Keeping control. It can be murder.

A friend of mine enjoys reading murder mysteries; but to enjoy them, she must first find out who the murderer is.
Once she knows this, once she knows who did the dark deed, she can go back to the book, safe in that knowledge.
We laughed about it when she told me, (I write murder mysteries myself!) – but also noted why it was so: she feared not being in control.
This is something childhood had taught her…
Once she knew the murderer’s name, however, she could go back to the story, relax and enjoy it.
It was the unknowing she couldn’t cope with. She was afraid of a situation where she didn’t know the answers.
So today we think about letting go of control and taking up trust.
How does that sound – mad?
Is control important to you? Is that a life-lesson from your past? The less we trust, the more we seek control.
But life, situations, events, people, our body, our mind – even murder mysteries – are better for being removed from our insecure grip.
Control is stress and things unfold more delightfully when we do what we can and then…
Let them be, let them unfold.