Mastery or Mystery? Can we let go of control?

Today, we let go of mastery and rest in mystery.

We let go of the need for control; and allow other, more creative forces into the room.

We’ll not be misled by the word ‘rest’ however; it doesn’t mean we won’t be active.

We may be very active…working in a shop, looking after a child, running a company, nursing patients, building homes, lobbying about climate change.

But the difference will be this: we won’t experience the stress of having to control everything and everyone. 

The strain of it really messes with our mind and our body. It’s not good for our health.

When we let go of mastery and rest in mystery, we become more open as people, more adaptable, more human, less monster, less blocked; like a clear channel for water to pass through in a parched land.

Our meditation today is away from a need for mastery and control and towards a trust in mystery; in letting things unfold.

We don’t need to be in control; good happenings have other springs.