How mindful is your boss?

mindful boss

‘It’s obvious when there isn’t a mindful boss in the workplace’ says my friend. ‘Office relationships change, recently it’s all become much more unpleasant.’


She says her boss is too full of her own stuff to hold space for anyone else. And good leadership is about holding space for others.

When we don’t feel held, like babies, we panic and turn on those around us.

So in my friend’s office, everyone is now looking out for themselves; and bitching about everyone else.

‘Even I’ve started being bitchy and I don’t want to be,’ she says. She sees what’s happening but still gets caught up in it.

A mindful boss first pays attention to their self:

‘What is arising in me today? What thoughts or feelings dominate?’

These are the questions for the boss to ask before leaving for work, and throughout the day.

If the boss can notice their own state, they become less destructive; better able to pay attention to others.

So self-awareness matters in business leadership. It loosens the grip of our internal patterns and creates space that can be offered to others.

The mindful boss will always be able to say:

‘My door – and my mind – is open. If it matters to you, it matters to me.’

If you would like to find out more about mindful leadership or are an employee and would like help during your working day, get in contact.