The friendly and unfriendly sort Stress can help or hinder when we are faced with a challenge.If stress helps us to focus on the challenge, whatever it is, then it… read more »

The business of wellbeing

There’s no doubt about it: the corporate climate is changing toward wellbeing at work. Slowly but surely, companies are realising that there’s more to management than ‘command, control and pay’…. read more »

Resilience. Is it the same as Tough? We hear a lot about resilience these days in the business world. But what is it?

For many, the work place has never been so demanding, fast-moving or uncertain. It’s hard to handle the pace of change ourselves; it can, understandably, lead to various forms of… read more »

When things are uncertain…

What can I do? When things are uncertain, I can still do certain things, do difficult thingsI can be a friend to myself, rather than attack myselfI can feel all… read more »

Big Brother is watching you…

Is this the motivation you need? Business is booming at Hubstaff – though you may not be celebrating at home. They provide monitoring software to employers to help manage staff… read more »

This Covid Story

What’s yours? It’s hard to know where to begin with Covid. It’s changed the world, simple as that; changed the way countries work and relate. It’s changed your world, in… read more »

Starting Something New What Holds You Back?

We sometimes fear starting something new; setting out on a fresh adventure. The landscape beyond what we know looks daunting; a lonely journey to some distant and uncertain point. It… read more »

Surviving Job Pressure. Is this good advice?

The theme of the day conference is ‘Surviving Job Pressure’. Assembled are IT consultants, doctors, nurses, teachers, social workers, HR managers and many others. They have an ‘Inspirational Speaker’ giving… read more »