Leadership is a Community

Sometimes it’s the leader who gets the acclaim.But it’s rare that the leadership didn’t have a community behind him. Leadership is a community: a historical look. Christopher Columbus is famous… read more »

Top Ten tips for difficult days

Top tips from one person who survived the difficult days of lockdown. The artist and illustrator Pranita Kochareker found lockdown difficult. ‘The helplessness and uncertainty of Covid 19 was terriffying… read more »

Wellbeing is no joke!

Jamie Masada is a businessman – founder of the US Laugh Factory chain of comedy clubs and conscious of the importance of wellbeing.  And while he likes to laugh (and… read more »

How mindful is your boss?

‘It’s obvious when there isn’t a mindful boss in the workplace’ says my friend. ‘Office relationships change, recently it’s all become much more unpleasant.’ Why? She says her boss is… read more »

Engaged and disengaged workers

Is there anything to be done? We all know the differences between engaged and disengaged workers. Professor William Kahn, who coined the phrase, defined engaged workers as those who are… read more »