A Prime Minister coughing. Any cause for alarm?

Theresa May recently had an unfortunate time with a cough.

She’d had a cold all week apparently, feeling under the weather.

So perhaps her body was telling her something; because our body can be a great advisor, if we listen.

It was, after all, a rather difficult conference for the Tories, with leadership plots bubbling under the surface in Manchester. May desperately needed a ‘good speech’.

But her body didn’t allow it.

The only occasion I’ve had time off sick, was in a job I really disliked.

I went down with something I couldn’t shake off, the like of which I’d never experienced before or since.

It’s as though my body was taking me aside, offering a word in my ear. It took me awhile to listen.

I know of someone who only gets headaches on their day-off, when the unresolved tension can come out.

While others know they are stressed because they get back ache; for some, that’s where it goes, every time.

I saw a woman recently who had started to cry whenever she saw a couple holding hands. She couldn’t help herself, tears flowed; but equally, she couldn’t understand it.

‘I didn’t know what was happening!’

It led her to revisit her past in a most helpful and healing way. But it had been her body which first waved the warning flag.

Our body may not misbehave as publicly as the Prime Minister’s.

But it’s always worth listening.

Mind, body and spirit are closely related.