When is the right time to leave a job?

asian man running out of door to leave a job

Some people say you just know when the right time is to leave a job; and perhaps some people just do.

But I’ve met too many who have regretted their decision to leave a company to imagine that this is the whole answer.

The grass is not always greener.

So if we’re thinking about when is the right time to leave a job, it’s good to reflect on the forces at work in side us; because it may not just be the company that is lacking.

I spoke recently with Karim who had finally decided to look at other jobs. He was doing this despite being aware that there was much that was good about his present employment.

‘And I don’t want to be disloyal,’ he said. ‘This is a good company.’
‘So what is pushing you away?’ I asked.

It transpired that he didn’t get on with his line manager….and he didn’t agree with some of the new systems being put in place…and he was sometimes bored with his work.

These are not unfamiliar gripes at work. But as we drilled a little deeper, a larger concern came to the fore:
‘I just don’t feel valued here. That’s it really. I just don’t feel valued!’

It was clearly a revelation to Karim and we noted how important it was for Karin to feel valued; and how quickly he spiralled downwards if this sense wasn’t there. In fact this is a trend for many people thinking about leaving a job. Statistics show that 76% of employees who don’t feel valued consider that to be the right time to leave a job.

He told me he was looking at a new company who had approached him.

‘Will they value you?’ I asked.
‘They’ll value me until I’ve signed on, but then I’m not sure.’
He paused and then added: ‘I didn’t realise I was so needy!’

Karim is presently reflecting on his next move; but he’s doing it aware of some of the inner forces at play when it comes to choosing a new job.

The grass may or may not be greener on the other side of the fence; but we can at least walk into the future with our inner eyes a little more open.

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