Salt water. Is this the cure for everything?

It is Kate Buck Jr who believes that salt water is the cure to everything.

The salt water can take various forms, however.

‘The cure for anything is salt water,’ she says. ‘Sweat, tears or the sea.’ As according to Isak Dinesen.

Sweat is good because all creativity is hard work.

And the sea, whether peaceful or terrifying, has its own deep language and access to the soul.

But I’m glad she also mentioned our tears – hot tears of breaking emotion – which prepare such fertile soil in us if we’re prepared to listen well to their source.

‘Where do these tears come from?’

Our past is a deep well.

It’s strange, but people often apologise to me for crying when we meet.

I always say, ‘No need. Why apologise for health?’

So here’s to sweat, tears and the sea this summer.

Or any combination of the above.