What the scientist knows. And we forget.

The good thing about being a scientist is you never fail.
You really don’t.
You experiment, obviously.
You start with an hypothesis and test it by trying things out.
And sometimes your hypothesis proves correct and sometimes it’s back to the drawing board.
That’s how you learn, that’s how progress occurs.
But you don’t fail.
It just isn’t an appropriate word when describing the scientific adventure.
Or you own, for that matter.
Our experiments don’t always work out as we wish. Sometimes they wonderfully do, but not always.
And this isn’t failure. It’s just testing.
(The Mind Clinic had two false starts before finding our present shape. We were experimenting.)
The only failure in the science lab is when people stop experimenting, stop pushing themselves to discover.
Here’s to the many-coloured experiment that is your brave life.