Sex scandals everywhere! Or is it just scandalous power?

We’re not short of sleazy stories from the Hollywood at present

And after Hollywood… Westminster.

Michael Fallon, the former Defence Secretary, recently left office feeling his behaviour had ‘fallen short’ of the necessary standards.

While a number of others in the political world are currently under investigation, with charges ranging from an unwanted hand on the bottom or a suggestive text through, in one instance, to rape.

It’s been called a sex scandal, but it’s more a scandal of power.

This is all about power, and its misuse; when one human imagines they have rights over another; and believes they can get away with it.

As Lord Acton once said: ‘Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.’

One of the positives of the Harvey Weinstein story is that work relationships are now being looked at; and in particular, the corrupted use of power.

And when it comes to power, office politics can oppress even more than national politics.

So it’s a good time for work place reflection

If we hold power, we’ll hold it with humility and fairness.

If we are victims of its misuse, let us acknowledge our feelings and ask: ‘How best can I look after myself in this situation?’

Because you’re worth it.