Sir Terry Wogan – What he taught me about leadership

I was fortunate enough to work with Terry Wogan for a while.

I used to do ‘Pause for thought’ on Radio Two and he was generally the host presenter.

I was not a famous person or an experienced broadcaster.

He was both…yet put me entirely at my ease. This is a gift in itself, to offer the nervous, calm, and the less famous, equality.

There was no sense of status.

More than that however, he wanted me to shine; and helped me to do that.

And this is not to be assumed in broadcasting.

Other presenters were less concerned for me, less holding – for they wanted to shine.

But Terry was always more interested in the show than himself.

If his guests shone, the show shone.

Yes, he was secure enough to want me to shine…and to help me shine.

And in that, he taught me not only about broadcasting, but also about leadership.

Rest in joy.