Something secret. A moment not to miss this Christmas?

Christmas can be a rather public mash-up of people trying to gain your attention.

Retailers are competing for a bit of your wallet with their expensive ads.

Media outlets are wheeling out their brightest and best to gain your festive attention.

While family and friends are desperate to see you (and photograph you) at social gatherings.

Which all may be very lovely.

But amid the public claims and demands, I hope you find a secret Christmas.

A secret Christmas inside yourself, of joy and hope, however it arrives.

It could be on a walk, sitting in bed, or in the kitchen.

It could be in a card, in a face, in something said.

It’s just a moment.

But it’s your secret Christmas, it brings peace, it dissolves fear, it’s the reason why you came.

P.S. Oh and do remember – the Christmas season starts on the 25th and lasts twelve days. It doesn’t all have to happen on the day.

You can relax…