Speaking my truth. If Carlsberg did team meetings…

I was there to talk with the staff about The Mind Clinic.
But I arrived early and so joined their circle and listened…and there was some anger.
The item on the agenda before me, hosted by their manager, was simply this:
‘How are you experiencing work at the moment?’
Difficulties and joys were coming up, as they went round the circle, everyone had a turn.
We heard what wasn’t working and frustrations experienced…and we heard what people appreciated.
One of the staff was just full of praise for how everyone had helped her since she’d returned from sick leave.
Another was furious about the attitude of some of the management.
And the thing is, their manager listened. She received everything that was said and never got defensive.
Every comment was received, some actions suggested…and by the end, everyone’s spirit was lightened.
This happens when you’re allowed to speak your truth.
And my first words when it got to my turn were these:
‘I’ve just witnessed something quite special in this circle. This doesn’t happen in every organisation.’
Being able to speak your truth, the truth of your feelings – well, it matters.
Where can you speak yours?