The energy of joy. Why Geoff has started making his bed

I was in a company recently.

We were thinking about how we put meaning into our days.

Without meaning, without moments of appreciation and awareness in our day, life can become ‘just one bloody thing after another’.

One person said he’s started making his bed every morning. It marks the start of the day, with its own possibilities…and it was also nice to come back to in the evening!

Another said that he and his girl friend, in the evening, each name three things to be grateful for in the day.

‘Even if the day’s been a bit crap – there’s always something,’ he said. ‘It’s so worth doing. If I didn’t have to name the good things, I might not even notice them.’

It’s often moments of gratitude in our day – whether it’s appreciating a person, the sky, a sandwich, a smile, an act of kindness, friends, a work success, a view or a particular outcome or situation you find yourself in.

‘This is good!’ we say.

There’s energy in finding meaning in our days, (even in difficult days) and it’s the energy of joy.

What do you do to put meaning in your day?