The Space Man. Can we be too busy?

When the space man arrives in the busy city, there are problems.

He is a strong man, and needs to be, as he carries this wonderful space from town to town across the land.

He likes to offer it to the busiest places, knowing if they lack space, they will also lack tenderness.

But the space man is having trouble today because the mayor says the space is too large to get into the city.

‘It just won’t fit,’ says the mayor, scratching his head. ‘The streets are too narrow and there are too many cars and people going about their business. I can hardly stop all this activity for a bit of space! How about making it smaller?’

‘You can’t make space smaller,’ says the space man. ‘It’s eternal.’

‘But we’ve got things to do and lives to lead!’ replies the mayor.

‘Without space, there’s no tenderness; and without tenderness, there’s no life,’ says the space man, who can only just be heard amid the din and the rush.

‘Next year, perhaps,’ says the mayor. ‘This year’s a write-off, too much going on – but we’ll try and have some space next year.’