The unlikely therapist.

For those with eyes to see, therapy has never been so easy.
We look at a winter tree without leaves, for instance… and know they’ll re-appear green and strong in spring.
We ponder the slow-moving river, all ease and calm, becoming the sudden crash and storm of a waterfall before calm and quiet returns.
There is the dark cloud in the sky, which in half an hour is gone, something passing through.
While beneath our feet the bare earth so cold and hard… though a million daffodils lie in wait.
And this is therapy.
Creation invites us to look up from our phones to ponder the seasons, the shift and change all around us.
All life is here, loss and beauty, scarcity and growth – and all our life is here.
Like the wind and the earth, our thoughts and feelings shift and change.
So we note the seasons, how things come and go, how death becomes life… and allow our moods to pass through us.
When you have a moment, greet sweet creation today –
Our unlikely therapist – and free at the point of delivery.