Thoughts and Feelings

The truth is, I am not my feelings and I am not my thoughts.
This is the truth.
Though sometimes we lag behind the truth, playing desperate catch-up; or just quite unable to see it, because it is so far ahead of us.
And when this happens, a strange thing happens: we become our feelings or we become our thoughts, which is never a good place to be.
We are kidnapped by them, abducted from a place of sanity and taken off into some netherworld of anxiety, self-criticism, obsession or despair from which no one benefits.
When the truth is, I am not my thoughts and I am not my feelings; they are mere clouds in my sky, passing through.
My sky is blue, though clouds do pass through.

Let them Pass

So, we do need to be watchers of ourselves today…watchers of the thoughts and feelings that arrive, as if they are small gods to be listened to and followed; as if they have tremendous authority.
They can arrive quietly or with some violence; they can be intrusive or unexplained; but when they kidnap us for more than an hour, they have gone beyond their brief.
We are not at our best in their thrall, and behave strangely.
When the truth is, I am not my feelings and I am not my thoughts; I exist beyond them, like the sky exists beyond the clouds.
We can let them pass through.
And this is the truth.