The unreliable captain. What are you thinking today?

The ship’s captain is barking out orders.

First he takes the boat north, and then he takes it south, and then, with another order, north-west.

‘North! No, south! No, north-west! D’you hear me?’

He is most clear in his commands.

And imagining that the captain knows what he’s talking about, the crew jump into action, as he orders the ship east, and then south-west and then north again.

‘East! No, south-west! No, north!’

Each command is crisp and authoritative and can’t be ignored because he is their leader.

As for the journey, the records show that so far, the ship has hit four icebergs, three fishing boats and collided with an ocean liner.

Finally, they arrive in port, damaged and four weeks late – only to discover it’s the wrong port.

‘They must have moved it,’ says the captain confidently.

Don’t allow your thoughts to be the captain of your ship.

[Image credit: Mikko Lagerstedt]