When the valley floods. How do you cope with change?

When the damn was built and the river valley flooded, many old settlements were lost.

Houses and homes, lived in for centuries, disappeared; family stories were submerged and whole ways of life destroyed.

It was terrible.

Life moves on; change happens. Sometimes we have to let go. We know that.

But it’s difficult losing loved and familiar things and then having to get on with life as if all is well.

The flood comes in wet savagery, everything is changed and we struggle to cope.

It’s like Santa getting up on Christmas morning to deliver the presents only to discover it’s already been done.

What’s happening?! What does he do now – when doing Christmas presents is all he’s ever known!?

After the flood, however it comes, there’s shock, anger, anxiety, sadness – oh, and new life growing.

The children sail in the valley now, and Santa?

He loves his new job in the care home.