A voice from the past. Why do some people get on our nerves?

Some people get to us more than others.

So why is that?

I was speaking recently with a woman we’ll call Mary who was struggling with a work colleague.

He infuriated Mary, with his approach to the job and to her; it made her want to leave, go and do something else.

And then she realised something.

‘I realised he was just like my father,’ said Mary, ‘and that was not a happy relationship.’

Our past lives on in the present, often beneath the radar of our awareness; and they can affect our relationships more than we might care to admit.

Her father had been dead seven years; but his voice in her head hadn’t died, not at all; neither had the effects of his behaviour.

The body remembers everything and there were many feelings still unresolved; and now these feelings were flaring up in the office.

‘I think it’s my childhood memories I need to face before my work place issues,’ said Mary.

And even as she said that, hope appeared in her situation.