Who are the creative types?

She had worked in the social services for twenty two years.

She’d visited thousands of homes in difficult situations; been a human face in painful and vulnerable places.

Yet she didn’t view her life as ‘creative’.

I was stunned.

‘I’ve wondered whether I should paint or something,’ she said. ‘I’m not musical – but I’ve gone on lots of courses to try and be more creative.’

She’d never thought of her work as creative; it hadn’t crossed her mind.

And she’s not alone in separating the two.

In many people’s minds, ‘creative types’ are painters, musicians, fashion designers etc.

Not so in mine.

The most creative human act is the environment we create around us whether at home or in the office.

Those who create a good atmosphere around them create life and energy in others.

Those who don’t, create something else.

The work place, quite as much as the theatre, is a place of great creativity.

And at the pinnacle of this creative pyramid is the environment, the climate we create around us – an atmosphere that gives meaning, purpose and energy to those around.

When the good manager goes home at the end of the day, even Picasso bows in awe.