Who We Are

We’re a close family of committed individuals with a big passion for Creating Clearer Minds.

Our vision is to see a Mind Clinic, or something similar, operating in every organisation in the UK in ten years. We’re only as good as our Practitioners, so we’re very careful who we employ. And while we expect to be paid for what we do, we don’t seek to maximise profits. Profit made by The Mind Clinic does not reach any investor’s pocket, but is re-invested in our guiding vision: Creating Clearer Minds in the workplace and beyond. Our core team consist of:

Simon is a graduate of Oxford University and author and therapist. He wrote the ever-popular One-Minute Mindfulness and One-Minute Meditation, was a weekly columnist for the Daily Mail for four years on issues of psychological wellbeing and has provided  consultancy for social workers and NHS staff, ING Bank and ABN AMRO Bank. He is committed to the promotion of wellbeing both through his writings and through seminars, workshops, retreats and 1-2-1 meetings.

photoMark is an experienced psychotherapist with an established private practice. In addition to seeing individuals and couples for therapy, Mark leads courses in Mindfulness and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. Mark enjoys working with people from all walks of life who seek to know themselves, take responsibility for who they are and find the wisdom and resources within them to live fulfilled and meaningful lives.

Lisa is a psychologist with expertise in stress and wellbeing. She has a doctorate in psychophysiology – investigating the physiological pathways by which stress and wellbeing can affect health and she consults at the University of Westminster.

Esther has practical experience of leadership and organisational development, both in the UK and internationally. Working predominantly in the not-for-profit sector,  Esther focusses on values-based leadership, staff engagement and organisational change.

Natasha co-ordinates the activities of The Mind Clinic and it’s team.

After completing his degree in Human Geography, Tom entered the Education sector with a passion for helping others pastorally. Tom now also works in marketing and communications. He passionately advocates for mental health awareness and mindful leadership within the work environment.

robert-caveRob was husband, father, friend, life-force, sportsman, dreamer, successful entrepreneur – and a man, because of his own experiences, passionate about wellbeing. He founded The Mind Clinic with Simon. Without him, we would not exist and his spirit infuses every aspect of our work. What grows here, grows because of Rob.