Whodunnit?.What a murder mystery says about you

A friend of mine likes reading murder mysteries. But to enjoy them, he must first find out who the murderer is.

Once he knows, he can then go back and enjoy the book, safe in that knowledge.

We laughed about it when he told me, but noted why it is so: for reasons in his past, he fears not being in control.

Once he knows the murderer’s name, he is in control of the story and can relax and enjoy it.

It is the unknowing he can’t cope with; he is afraid of an unfolding in which he doesn’t know what will happen.

So our meditation today is towards letting go of anxious control…replacing it with trust as situations unfold around us.

Is control important to you? Do you get anxious as you look into the unknown future?

The less we trust, the more we seek to manipulate or control.

But life, situations, people – and murder mysteries – are better for being removed from our insecure grip.

We can let them be, allow them to unfold.

Perhaps even relax and enjoy it all.