Why should anyone work here?

Or, what makes a good work place?

It’s something we think a lot about at The Mind Clinic – the characteristics of a company where people will want to work.

Rob Goffee has been thinking about it too.

He’s Emeritus professor of organisational behaviour at the London Business School and has been speaking with employees around the country. From their replies, he’s come up with six characteristics for an organisation to aspire to.

Here, in summary form, is the wish list:

  • Let me be myself. I want a company where individuality is nurtured, different world views enjoyed.
  • Tell me what’s really going on. ‘Radical honesty’, Goffee calls it. The best way to control information is not to hoard secrets but to tell the truth.
  • Offer extra value. Discover and develop my strengths. Organisations thrive when people feel they can grow through their work. They add value as the organisation adds value to them.
  • Make me feel proud to work here. Something about authenticity. Give me something to believe in. It’s not about some grand the mission statement – it’s about forging connections between employees and organisational values.
  • Make my work meaningful. I need to know how my work contributes to the organisation and beyond.
  • Simple rules, please. Rules should support the end purpose – not reinforce old ideas about where authority lies. Rules should support initiative not thwart it.

How does your company score?