How will you survive the financial threats of autumn?

What to do with fear

There is understandable fear, maybe terror, as autumn approaches.

Energy bills, and their sick child, inflation, threaten everything. 

Fear for business owners at the increasing costs. 

Fear for individuals at the increasing costs. 

It’s a treadmill we all seem unable to get off and our survival feels threatened.

We can’t stop the storm around us but we can be mindful of how we live it; and we will live it better in our bodies than in our heads.

Our heads are anxiety balls at the best of times, a constant loop of worry and catastrophising. Present conditions just heighten the inner panic.


In our bodies, however, we can at least breathe into the fear and offer more resilience.

We breathe in strength and we breathe out fear. 

We breathe in whatever we feel we need; we breathe out that which most cripples us.

We inhabit the crisis not with our heads, which will only make things worse; but with our bodies where are stronger, much stronger; and where we can put our breathing to work, breathing in what we need, expelling what threatens us.

This autumn, we may benefit from getting into our bodies – through exercise, through breathing.

Here is the strong place.