They say it’s good to share

But is it?

We are often told that a problem shared is a problem halved.
And there can be truth in this. It can be good to tell a trusted someone else about how we feel.
But a problem over-shared can be a problem multiplied.
We tell everyone about it – and now everyone is involved. We become part of a soap opera of concern. People carry on asking us about it, even when we have moved on, somehow dragging us back into the story.
Sometimes, it is good to share; it can diminish the power of the issue and remind us we are not alone.
But over-sharing can harm us. The concern it generates may be genuine – but constantly being asked to re-visit the scene may not be helpful.
It keeps stirring the negativity inside us and perpetuates the disturbance in a damaging manner.
And sometimes we do not have to share at all. Sometimes we can keep the oven door shut. We learn to process things ourselves, noticing their arrival, feeling how they make us feel…and then letting them go.
They are just feelings after all, passing through us like clouds in the sky.
A problem honestly processed is a problem dissolved.
And may not involve others.