What We Do

“What happens if you don’t put your people’s needs first? More sick days, more money spent on recruitment and training, lower morale and an unmotivated team.” Investors In People

We’re aware organisations are under constant pressure to cut costs.  But evidence from a range of sources shows that investment in your workforce is an investment in your business.  A recent study by economists at the University of Warwick found that happiness led to a 12% spike in productivity, while unhappy workers proved 10% less productive.  This echoes the conclusion of the British Council for Offices 2018 Wellbeing At Work Study (‘Wellness matters: health and wellbeing in offices and what to do about it’) which summarised that employee wellbeing accelerates productivity as well as benefitting the bottom line which makes it important to employers. Elaine Rossall, chairman of the BCO research committee, said: “The health and wellness agenda is, rightly, growing in importance and prominence.

With experience of over one thousand individual sessions with employees, we understand their problems and aspirations; we also understand the impact good and poor management has on an organisation.

Who we are

We’re a close family of committed individuals with a big passion for Creating Clearer Minds. We’re only as good as our Practitioners, so we’re very careful who we employ. And while we expect to be paid for what we do, we don’t seek to maximise profits. Profit made by The Mind Clinic does not reach any investor’s pocket, but is re-invested in our guiding vision: Creating Clearer Minds in the workplace and beyond.

What we do

The Mind Clinic comes to you. We offer unique confidential 1-2-1 insightful listening sessions with employees on site and have a range of Development Days created using our extensive grass roots experience around the themes of Engagement, Resilience, Mindfulness and Management Emotional Intelligence. We are free at the point of delivery, a gift from the company to their staff… because they’re worth it.

Why we do it

Life can be difficult. But while society accepts physical injury as something requiring treatment, it’s slower to recognise the effects of mind pain and emotional upheaval. Yet these things have a significant impact on our behaviour at home and at work. Experience tells us there’s a simple but profound power in reflecting on our life in the presence of a trained listener.