Married to his phone. The man who couldn’t say ‘No’.

I’m in the silent zone on the train; the carriage where people are asked not to use mobile phones.

But the silence is broken by a man talking loudly on his.

I get up from my seat and ask him to end his call, pointing to the ‘No mobile phones’ sign.

He says ‘I know.’

‘So why are you talking?’ I ask.

‘He rang me, what could I do?’

Other generations have had their problems. But no generation has experienced the invasion of technology into the human head space like we do.

We can sell our soul to it.

The average phone is apparently checked over 60 times a day…present moments sold for mind-weakening distraction.

(Distraction literally means ‘ripped apart’.)

‘He rang me, what could I do?’ says the man on the train.

Well, just this once, given that you’re in a ‘No mobiles’ carriage, your could reclaim your soul and just say ‘No’.