Giving Work Meaning What can I do to make a difference?

How do you arrive at work? I’m not so much thinking about your mode of transport, though that can have an impact on the day. I’m thinking more about the… read more »

Comedy at Work Is work too serious for joking?

Mary Poppins should appear in every company training day once in a while. Particularly, the story of the Fidelity Fiduciary Bank. George Banks, an employee there, takes his children, Jane… read more »

The Learning of Leisure How's your time off going?

I don’t often quote Aristotle, the Greek philosopher. But he was bang on the money with his 4th century BC contribution to the work/life balance debate. ‘This is the main… read more »

Who are the creative types?

She had worked in the social services for twenty two years. She’d visited thousands of homes in difficult situations; been a human face in painful and vulnerable places. Yet she… read more »

What could replace staff appraisals?

Is the staff appraisal about to join the fax machine in corporate extinction? It’s possible. The appraisal has always been a source of frustration or mirth. As one employee said:… read more »

Seven mindful suggestions From CEO Simon Parke's book as recommended by The Daily Express in their 7 Summer self help reads.

To celebrate the publication of a new and revised edition of my book ‘One Minute Mindfulness’, I offer seven simple suggestions towards more mindful living. Seven things you can do… read more »

Suicide Watch

A man committed suicide in Telford recently. He jumped off the ledge of a multi-story car park and it was in the news because eye-witnesses reported an excited bunch of… read more »

Hero or Host?

She was talking about changing attitudes to leadership in her business – one of the larger world development charities. The first difference was that she was an elected leader –… read more »

A Top Sportman’s Depression

Mike Yardy had reached his career goal. The cricket all-rounder was in the England team for the World Cup in India. But instead of feeling excitement, he was stuck in… read more »