The hidden costs of cutting costs.

I was listening to a former policeman talking about the workplace cutting costs, overtime and the effect this was having on morale.Some overtime is happy overtime – willingly taken to… read more »

Kidnapped by worry?

Escape plans considered… I often worry. Sometimes it feels like I can’t escape it. ‘I am so worried!’ I say and quite believe this to be so. ‘And haven’t I… read more »

Mindfulness at home: the hardest place?

Perhaps mindfulness is hardest in the home. Home is where deep-rooted patterns of behaviour have established themselves, andwhere our reactions are habitual, automatic and often emotionally-charged. Bringing mindfulness into our… read more »

Working From Home

Is this the future? What are your feelings about working from home? Are you missing the office? Or delighted to be away? Some of those I work with, like nurses… read more »

Stressed-out schools: what to do?

Marc Smith is both a teacher and a chartered psychologist and he recently wrote about stress in schools in The Guardian. ‘Sadly,’ he says, ‘many of the stress management techniques… read more »


The friendly and unfriendly sort Stress can help or hinder when we are faced with a challenge.If stress helps us to focus on the challenge, whatever it is, then it… read more »